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Welcome to MEDCrutchThis device was developed for individuals who suffer a leg, foot, or ankle fracture, brake or sprain and may require the use of crutches in order to remain mobile. Other individuals suffering from arthritis, partial paralysis, and other ailments may also use this type of appliance when walking, as well. Knee injuries are common among athletes, from the professional football or basketball players to the "weekend athlete" who enjoys a game of tennis or soccer. Injuries to the knee can be as varied as their causes.

Common problems include ligament injuries, mild sprains or a moderate stretching or splitting of the ligaments. Track and field athletes often suffer from this type of injury. A more severe injury would include a partial or complete tear in one or more of the ligaments (ACL, MCL or Achilles tendon). Other sport-related injuries to the knees include fractures caused by a severe blow to the knee area or a meniscus injury caused by a blow or fall when the knee is bent back (hyper-extended knee) and the individual's foot is bearing the weight of the body. Continue Reading...


The COLEJOINT would be quickly set up as needed; at the office, outdoors, at a sporting event, or in any area where the individual can be seated. The COLEJOINT would support the crutch that would subsequently support the limb. The individual could rest and elevate the foot, ankle, leg, or knee in a fully supported position... Read More

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Product Demonstration

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